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Miss Indian Arizona 2014 - 2015 Participants

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Jaylene Marisa Wood

Jaylene Marisa Wood, Tohono O’odham Nation

Jaylene Marisa Wood is the twenty four year old daughter of Jason and Arlene Wood. She is a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation and lives in Sells, Arizona.

Jaylene attends Tohono O’odham Community College where she is pursuing her Associate’s Degree in Science. She plans on completing her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Arizona in the medical field.

Jaylene involves herself with community and family activities. She dances in her great-grandfather’s traditional dance group and is considered a fourth generation singer in her family.

If chosen as Miss Indian Arizona, Jaylene’s platform would be to encourage all tribes to practice their language and traditions. She says, “If we are encouraged to use all that is taught to us by our elders, we will succeed in assuring that all our culture, traditions and languages live on.”

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Karlette A. Miguel, Tohono O’odham Nation

Karlette A. Miguel, Tohono O’odham Nation

Karlette A. Miguel is the twenty four year old daughter of Andrew Miguel Sr. and Marilyn Cowboy. She is a member of the Tohono O’odham Nation.

Karlette attends Tohono O’odham Community College where she is completing her Associate’s Degree in Communications. Her goal is to continue her education, receive a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication then on to a Nursing Program to become a Registered Nurse (RN), moving forward to a Medical School to becoming a Pediatric Physician.

Karlette enjoys volunteering every chance she gets, dancing (whether traditional or modern) and traveling. Poetry is a love of hers - “Poetry has gotten me through rough times and has given me the ability to express myself.”

Karlette’s platform if chosen as Miss Indian Arizona would be to promote keeping tradition strong through embracing time with elders in the community. This will include visiting with elders and passing along information to the younger generation at local schools including Head Start.

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Lisa Hohokimal Hendricks

Lisa Hohokimal Hendricks, Gila River Indian Community

Lisa Hohokimal Hendricks is the twenty one year old daughter of Jiivik Siiki and Brenda Sekaquaptewa. She is from Sacaton, Arizona and is a member of the Gila River Indian Community.

Lisa is currently a student at Central Arizona College completing her General Studies Associates Degree. She plans on continuing her education at Arizona State University completing her degree in Public Administration.

Lisa is employed by the Gila River Indian Community as a Secretary I in the Per Capita Office. She had the honor of interning in the Executive Office of the Gila River Indian Community as well as holding a variety of offices in the Akimel O’odham Pee-Posh Youth Council, including President.

In her spare time Lisa loves to watch classic Disney movies, spend time with her family and friends and enjoy the outdoors. She also enjoys learning and singing O’odham songs which she has loved since she was a little girl.

If selected Miss Indian Arizona, Lisa’s platform would be to promote one’s culture empowerment. She states, “To me, it is very important for a young person to know the balance that they are walking in everyday; from the modern to the traditional world.

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Martha Ludlow Martinez

Martha Ludlow Martinez, Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community

Martha Ludlow Martinez is the twenty three year old daughter of Timoteo Martinez and Kathy Ludlow. She is a member of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.

Martha is a certified Pharmacy Technician from Carrington College. She will continue her education at Scottsdale Community College obtaining an Associate Degree in the field of American Indian Studies and Communication. Ultimately, her goal is to become an advocate for indigenous people and assist with strengthening the rights of repatriation of our ancestors and objects of cultural patrimony that are disturbed from their original resting places.

Martha actively volunteers in her community, participates in traditional dancing and singing and running.

She is currently employed with the Salt River Indian Community as a Youth Development Assistant. Martha’s platform if selected as Miss Indian Arizona would be promoting cultural identity.

She states, “Knowing who you are and where you come from is crucial for anyone in today’s society; understanding that gives you a stronger foundation.”

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Miriam April May

Miriam April May, San Carlos Apache

Miriam April May is the seventeen year old daughter of Tony and Barbara May Sr. She is a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

Miriam is a student at San Carlos Secondary School. This past June she was a mentor in training with the Young Warriors Program in San Carlos. After graduation she plans to attend Arizona State University pursing a doctorate degree in child psychology.

Miriam is currently the secretary of the San Carlos Apache Youth Council. She was cheer captain for her schools Spirit Line and enjoys serving her community at community events. Miriam enjoys traveling, baking and spending time with her family.

Miriam’s platform if selected Miss Indian Arizona would be to promote living a healthy lifestyle. Miriam states, “There are three main concepts to living healthy; proper nutrition, exercising and avoiding drugs and alcohol. It is important that we as tribes of Arizona take care of ourselves because we are a resilient and beautiful people.”

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Shandiin Parrish

Shaandiin Paul Parrish, Navajo Nation

Shaandiin Paul Parrish is the twenty year old daughter of Timothy Begay and Shelly Parrish. She is a member of the Navajo Nation.

Shaandiin is a student at Arizona State University completing her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Service and Policy with a concentration in American Indian Studies. She is a Gates Millennium Scholar and is one of fifty honorable mention recipients with the UDALL Scholarship Foundation. Shaandiin is currently the Vice President of the American Indian Council at Arizona State University.

Her passion is to learn more of her Navajo language. She has directed all of her educational goals towards advocating for the preservation of Native American languages.

In her spare time, Shaandiin loves gardening, baking, watching Do-It-Yourself videos on YouTube and completing projects. She is also an amateur photographer.

If selected as Miss Indian Arizona, Shaandiin will encourage the Native American Youth of Arizona to DREAM BIG. Shaandiin believes that the power of change lies within the hands of the current generation’s youth. Everything starts with a small thought that might grow into a dream. “I wouldn’t be where I am without the people who believed in me.”

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Shasta Dazen

Shasta Dazen, White Mountain Apache Tribe

Shasta Dazen is the twenty year old daughter of Manuel and Naveen Dazen Sr. She is from Whiteriver, Arizona and a member of the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

Shasta is employed by Basha’s as a Courtesy Clerk. A personal goal of hers is to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Educationally, Shasta’s goal is to gain a better knowledge of her traditions.

Her hobbies include riding her horses, hiking, beading and working with her Young Women’s Church Group. Shasta is a member of the Pinetree Crown Dance group.

Shasta is an avid basketball player winning many awards.

If Shasta is selected as Miss Indian Arizona her platform would be on personal strength though building relationships with our families. Shasta states, “The most important thing in life is to recognize the power within our lives.”

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Shelyne Twist
Shelyne Twist, Cocopah Tribe

Shelyne Twist is the twenty three year old daughter of Shelda Twist. She is a member of the Cocopah Tribe.

Shelyne is currently a Customer Service Representative at Dillard’s in Tucson, Arizona. Her passion is in music. In High School and College (University of Arizona’s School of Music) she was able to perform in many highly ranked ensembles. One of her biggest musical accomplishments was making the United States Youth Ensembles; traveling and performing throughout Western Europe.

Shelyne’s love is music which so many of her hobbies include; composing, playing and simply listening to music. When she has time her family plays volley and softball together. Traditionally, Bird Dancing is such a healing, positive activity for her and she is so thankful to have it be a part of her life.

If selected as Miss Indian Arizona, Shelyne’s platform will be DREAMS! Whether it be following, pursuing or obtaining…” I think a vast majority of our youth and younger generation don’t have the support or open-mindedness to free fall. I want to be the Miss Indian Arizona that our youth sees not from the top looking down but from beside, helping you up! I would love Miss Indian Arizona to represent a world where ANYTHING is possible!”

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