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The Miss Indian Arizona Association is comprised of a variety of individuals, including former title holders, as well as community members with a genuine interest in promoting, presenting and facilitating the Miss Indian Arizona Scholarship Program.

Miss Indian Arizona Association Members

Sweetie Cody*, President
Dwayne Lopez , Vice-President
Martha Martinez ** , Secretary
Denise Homer, Executive Director
Daris Laffoon , Historian 
Veronica L. Homer*      
Vicki Laffoon
Patty Bohnee
Yvonne Schaaf*
Delores Begay
Angelica Lopez*
Ken Begay
Dorian Dalton*
Matilda Lopez


Dorine Andrews
T.J. Laffoon
JoAnn Lupe *
Esther Moyah
Cindy Homer*
Pete Imus


Michael Schaaf



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